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I have plugin the compact generator to power, press the on-button, but the product doesn't turn on.

The power button needs to be pressed for 1-2 seconds to turn on. This design is to prevent accidental touching of the power button.

The brand new compact generator generates very few bubbles.

Due to the characteristics of the electrode material itself, the brand new product will generate fewer bubbles when first used. After operating for 10-20 minutes, the bubble amount will gradually increase to normal.
Another possible cause for fewer bubbles is that there are not enough minerals in the water. In such a case, you can add a little salt(a fingertip's amount of salt) to the water.

Can the Portable generator use fast-charging?

Definitely NO! Please don't do that!! The Portable generator doesn't support fast-charging!! And broken caused by fast-changing is considered as improper use, so the warranty doesn't cover this!!
The charging cable or the charging head should both be under DC 5V1A. You can surely use the provided cable, but be careful not to use a fast-charging head.

When the Portable Generator is in operation, the green light turns off when the product is touched, or the green light turns off by itself after 5-20 seconds.

There are some possibilities: 1) The mineral amount of the water used is just at the critical value for the product to operate. For such a case, try adding a little salt(a fingertip's amount of salt) to the water, and the product will work regularly! Another workaround is to rotate the container and let the portable generator rotate in circles for about 5 seconds. This action can let the product work in water with fewer minerals. But if the mineral amount is too low, and this method doesn't work, we can only add salt to the water. 2) The power button gets stuck. 3) The product needs cleaning.(Please refer to the Portable Type FAQ for 2 and 3's situations.)

After using the products to electrolyze tap water, the transparent water appears rusty color.

A small number of users have reported this problem. The most likely cause is that the water pipes of the building contain impurities (especially iron). The electrolyzing process makes the rust color more obvious.
If you encounter the above problem, please try the products with tap water from other water sources or mineral bottled water to see if the problem still occurs or not. Most users reported that the problem disappears when switching to mineral bottled water, so we can be sure that the cause is in the water source. We recommend that you use mineral bottled water before the water quality of the building improves.

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