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Compact ozone water generator FAQ

User's manual download

Download user's manual here.

Operation demonstration

I have plugin the compact generator to power, press the on-button, but the product doesn't turn on.

The power button needs to be pressed for 1-2 seconds to turn on. This design is to prevent accidental touching of the power button.

ON/OFF button and the time mode button

The brand new compact generator generates very few bubbles.

Due to the characteristics of the electrode material itself, the brand new product will generate fewer bubbles when first used. After operating for 10-20 minutes, the bubble amount will gradually increase to normal.
Another possible cause for fewer bubbles is that there are not enough minerals in the water. In such a case, you can add a little salt(a fingertip's amount of salt) to the water.

Will the compact generator produce ozone when not in the water?

The compact generator can be turned on/off in the air, but it will not produce ozone gas in the air. It will only electrolyze ozone water when it is in the water.

Why does the compact generator need to be placed the logo face up when operating? Will the product be damaged if the logo isn't face up?

Facing the logo upwards will allow the ozone water to emerge from the air holes most smoothly. It is because of the internal electrode structures. Facing the logo downwards will not cause any damage to the product. It will just let the ozone water flows relatively unsmoothly.

The compact generator shuts down by itself before it reaches the set minutes.

The most likely situation is that there are too many impurities coated on the electrode metals. It's time to clean the product. Please clean the product with the method on the user's manual.

When soaking clothes with the compact generator, is it ok if the clothes cover the product?

Fabrics have multiple ventilation holes, so it is ok if the clothes gently cover the product when the product is working, as long as there is still ventilation rooms.